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Business Support

Facilitate Maximum Business Growth

Cornwall business support provided by the team at the Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre.

Our dedicated and experienced on-site business support management team will ensure that your enterprise gets the support and assistance you require. We recognise the importance of bringing together all aspects of business support relating to each stage of the business continuum, from opportunity recognition through to start-up, to stabilisation and growth.

The Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre will provide you with the following business support services to facilitate maximum business growth:

  • Direct access to individually tailored business mentoring and advice clinics from a variety of providers.
  • Client peer-to-peer support within a vibrant and collaborative business community.
  • Access to private sector investment opportunities and academic expertise.
  • Dedicated events and workshops that are tailored to your business needs.
  • Myriad networking opportunities within an innovative environment.