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Green Commitment

Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre's
Green Commitment

The Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre is committed to minimising the potential impacts of our operations and services on the environment. This commitment reflects our position on environmental issues, and the policies and practices we will apply in conducting our business both internally and externally.

Our commitments include:

  • Regularly reviewing, keeping up to date and complying with relevant environmental legislations.
  • Using the most resource efficient and environmentally friendly management practices.
  • Promoting policies and practices that minimise waste to reduce disposal, and maximise re-use and recycling.
  • Promote an energy efficiency campaign targeting all areas of business activity.
  • Environmental training will promote efficient use of energy and highlight applicable recycling methods.
  • Initiate at induction environmental training for all new members of staff.
  • Promote environmentally friendly methods of travel.
  • Actively promote recycling and efficient energy usage externally to our tenants and suppliers.
  • Ensure that our practices and policy statement are available for review when requested.

This commitment is reviewed on a regular basis in order to emphasise and maintain an environmentally responsible outlook in the day to day activity of all business areas.


Breeam Excellence

Achieved a Breeam Excellence

The Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre has been designed and built to the BREEAM Excellence standard, one of the highest levels of environmental accreditation available for new buildings. This ensures a low environmental impact both during construction and throughout its lifespan.

  • BREEAM Excellence
  • BREEAM Excellence
  • BREEAM Excellence

The Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre uses 60% less energy than a conventional office building thanks to its innovative eco-friendly design, which includes:

  • Biomass boiler
  • Natural ventilation
  • Water harvesting system
  • Automated air recirculation system
  • Automated building management system
  • Embedded air pipe cooling system
  • Secure cycle storage
  • Shower facilities including mobility access
  • Direct links by public transport

Many of the materials were sourced locally including Cornish Granite and sustainable Cornish Cedar wood.

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