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Healthcare Industry & Innovation Unit

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Cornwall Healthcare Industries Network

Centre for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour (CBCB)
Centre for Culture, Community & Society (CCCS)
Centre for Health and Environmental Statistics (ERIC)
Centre for Health and Social Care Innovation (CHeSCI)
Centre for Methodological Innovations (CMI)
Centre for Research in Environment and Society (CRES)
Centre for Research in Translational Biomedicine (CRTB)
Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems (CRNS)
Ecotoxicology Research and Innovation Centre (ERIC)
European Centre for Environment and Human Health
Health Innovation Education Cluster (HIEC)
Institute of Health and Community (IHC)
Pedagogic Research Institute and Observatory (PedRIO)
Peninsula Bioventures
Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit
Peninsula Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health (PenCLAHRC)
Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry
Peninsula Comprehensive Local Research Network (PenCLRN)
Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust