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  • PixelRain

PixelRain is a forward thinking company dedicated to digital media production.  We produce cutting edge content, specialising in video which is tailored to our clients’ needs.  As well as providing high quality web video to the online market, PixelRain strives to combine a passion for the media industry with a professional and friendly approach to our clients.

What online video offers is more traffic to your website and an increase in the ‘quality’ of those interactions. In analysis of video content for web and handheld devices it has been found that visitors spend longer on your site, purchasing intent is increased, as is brand recall and the likelihood of a personal recommendation of your brand to a friend or family member.

As well as online content we have produced media for offline consumption available on DVD or Blu-Ray. These include promotional and awareness films, international media packages and in-store demonstration videos.

We are proud to have built up an extensive and varied portfolio within the hospitality and corporate sectors. Highlights so far have included working for Rick Stein and Paul Ainsworth, producing individual content specific to their websites and events.

We are an environmentally conscious company and are proud to have worked with a number of organisations promoting recycling and green technology, among them SITA Cornwall and The CoBRA Scheme (Community Battery Recycling Alliance).

In each stage of the production process, care and a professional approach are taken at all times. We pride ourselves on our pre-production work and always work closely with our clients to understand the message they want to convey. This includes producing storyboards and research into their subject area. On-set we adhere to strict working practices in regards to health and safety, security and the protection of the public. We have an impeccable record in on-set procedures and personal conduct. In the post-production stage review edits are produced for approval so our clients are always involved in the process.

With online content you are in the privileged position of interacting directly with potential customers, in their homes, often on their laps, and if that content is entertaining and engaging they will share it via social media. Online content is ‘viral’, if they like your product or brand; your customers will pass it on by sharing it via social media.

Telephone: 02032 860053